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Whether you're new to trading or know your Elliot waves from your Head and Shoulders, chances are you wish you could spend more time in front of the screen to identify these high probability setups that every trader is after.

Goomba Crypto can assist you in 3 simple ways with:

  • Trade group

  • GoombX TradingView indicator

  • GoombX daily alerts

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To pay with crypto (Bitcoin or USD Coin), join the Discord (https://discord.gg/bs97svf) and DM for the payment address

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    Provides you with original trading ideas and market views in the Trades Discord server. You will find Binance, Bybit, Bitmex, Huobi and FTX setups with clear rationales, Stop and Take  Profit levels and automated alerts

    In the Paid Group, you get access to:

    • Regular trade setups on alts and margin Bitcoin, Ethereum,.... across 5 exchanges

    • Clear rationales, conditions and alerts to enter trades

    • Predefined Stop Loss, and Take Profit Levels

    • Trades updates and alerts

    • Curated knowledge center

    • Screeners

    • On demand charting

    • And of course a community of  minded traders looking to learn and exchange



    Access to GoombX, our custom made and proprietary TradingView indicator which will help you identify trends and sharpen your decision making.It is one of the easiest indicator you can buy, yet one of the most powerful. You only have 2 settings to tweak and it will reliably produce very clear BUY & SELL signals directly on the chart.

    With GoombX, you can:

    • Quickly assess entry points into a trend. Unlike other indicators, GoombX works both for Long and Short

    • Identify good exits for your trades

    • Receive alerts by sms, mail or in app when a signal is printed

    • Use GoombX to set up an automated trading system

    While GoombX was developed with Crypto and especially Bitcoin daily chart in mind, it can work on all asset class and time frames

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    Daily alerts in Discord when GoombX prints a signal on any of the Binance, Bybit, Bitmex, FTX or Huobi alts.

    Save yourself money and hours of screening.

    No need for a paid TradingView subscription, no more spending hours on running through dozens of charts


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