GoombX  User Guide


How does GoombX work?

GoombX relies mainly on simple moving averages with a bit stoch RSI and OBV.
When a set is predefined conditions are met, it prints a signal.


What is GoombX good at?

GoombX is really good at catching trends.
That means that in very volatile/choppy markets or at very low Time Frames it can struggle to produce valuable signals.

I personally prefer to use it on Daily charts.


How do I add GoombX to my charts?

Once you have given me your TradingView username through the Discord chat and I have added you you can start adding GoombX to ANY chart.

To do so, click on Indicators in the menu bar above the chart screen.
Select "Invite-Only Scripts" and pick "GoombX: a trend catcher"


GoombX will place a signal above or below the candle during which the predefined conditions are met. It means you can see a signal appear and disappear for as long as a candle is open.

You can consider that a signal is confirmed once the candle carrying the signal is closed, not before.

signal confirmed.PNG
unconfimed signal.PNG

How do I use the settings?

There are only 2 settings on GoombX which makes it very simple to use.

  • Lookback: This is the number of past candles to be used for the analytical study. The default of 14 works very well on Daily charts.

    Increasing the length "slows" down the indicator and therefore produces less signals.
    Inverse, decreasing the signal produces more signals and possibly a lot of noise.

  • StopLoss_pct: This defines the potential loss you are allowing the indicator to have. It is calculated from the Close of the candle producing the signal to the current price.
    In other words, it's how wrong are you allowing the indicator to be wrong until it needs to reevaluate the trend.

    The default of 10 works very well for Daily chart but for lower time frames and choppy environment, I find that using 3 or less yields good results.
    Note that lowering the Stop Loss produces more frequent signals.

Once you change the settings, ALWAYS make sure to re evaluate past performances before trusting the new signals.
Do not change the settings to produce a signal which which fits you current bias.
If the new settings performed poorly historically, it's very likely to produce poor signals moving forward.


How do I set up alerts?

To setup an alert with GoombX, follow these steps:

  • Set up GoombX on your chart with the desired parameters and Time Frame

  • Click on alerts in the right side of the screen and then Add (+)

  • Under Conditions, choose GoombX

  • In the second dropdown box, pick the type of alert you are after (BUY SELL, EXIT)

  • Under Options, choose "Once per bar close" to get an alert for a confirmed signal. Alternatively if you are looking for a developing signal, chose "Only once"

  • Use the alert option to chose the alert delivery method (SMS, in app, email, webhook,...)

  • Create


How can I use GoombX for automated trading

I am aware of 2 service which currently allow you to automate your trading using TradingView alerts:

  • Alertatron
    I do use Alertatron to feed alerts to Crytposhack but I haven't used it for automated trading yet. More info

  • 3commas
    I do not currently use 3commas but have heard good things. More info


What is GoombX Light

GoombX Light is a special version of GoombX which only prints the first entry in a trend and no exit. It effectively displays alternating BUY and SELL signals and is not meant to be used on its  own but as part of a decision making process; as an aid.

GoombX Light is only available (free of charge) for CryptoShack members.


What does GoombX monitor in Alerts?

Exchanges    Pair
Binance    BTC/USDT
Binance    ETH/BTC
Binance    BNB/BTC
Binance    TRX/BTC
Binance    XRP/BTC
Binance    LINK/BTC
Binance    ONT/BTC
Binance    NEO/BTC
Binance    KAVA/BTC
Binance    BCH/BTC
Binance    EOS/BTC
Binance    LTC/BTC
Binance    LUN/BTC
Binance    MATIC/BTC
Binance    MIOTA/BTC
Binance    ADA/BTC
Binance    XMR/BTC
Binance    AMB/BTC
Binance    STX/BTC
Binance    OMG/BTC
Binance    QTUM/BTC
Binance    MTL/BTC
Binance    BAT/BTC
Binance    TOMO/BTC
Binance    RVN/BTC
Binance    ETC/BTC
Binance    NULS/BTC
Binance    XLM/BTC
Binance    VET/BTC
Binance    NAS/BTC
Binance    WTC/BTC
Binance    ZEC/BTC
Binance    CHZ/BTC
Binance    WAVES/BTC
Binance    DUSK/BTC
Binance    ATOM/BTC
Binance    BAND/BTC
Binance    REN/BTC
Binance    IOST/BTC
Binance    ARK/BTC
Binance    NKN/BTC
Binance    RLC/BTC
Binance    DOCK/BTC
Binance    DLT/BTC
Binance    HOT/BTC
Binance    WAN/BTC
Binance    MDA/BTC
Binance    ICX/BTC
Binance    ZRX/BTC
Binance    ELF/BTC
Binance    HC/BTC
Binance    SNM/BTC
Binance    DASH/BTC
Binance    INS/BTC
Binance    TNT/BTC
Binance    THETA/BTC
Binance    OAX/BTC
Binance    ALGO/BTC
Binance    HBAR/BTC
Binance    NANO/BTC
Binance    QKC/BTC
Binance    LEND/BTC
Binance    GXC/BTC
Binance    CELR/BTC
Binance    EVX/BTC
Binance    ERD/BTC
Binance    ARN/BTC
Binance    ONE/BTC
Binance    PHX/BTC
Binance    ETHOS/BTC
Binance    REP/BTC
Binance    FET/BTC
Binance    PIVX/BTC
Binance    TFUEL/BTC
Binance    GAS/BTC
Binance    AE/BTC
Binance    ZIL/BTC
Binance    LOOM/BTC
Binance    XTZ/BTC
Binance    BEAM/BTC
Binance    COS/BTC
Binance    PERL/BTC
Binance    XVG/BTC
Binance    XEM/BTC
Binance    LRC/BTC
Binance    AGI/BTC
Binance    KMD/BTC
Binance    DOGE/BTC
Binance    FTM/BTC
Binance    ENJ/BTC
Binance    RCN/BTC
Binance    WABI/BTC
Binance    FUN/BTC
Binance    GVT/BTC
Binance    GRS/BTC
Binance    CMT/BTC
Binance    FUEL/BTC
Binance    PPT/BTC
Binance    STORJ/BTC
Binance    VIB/BTC
Binance    ONG/BTC
Binance    POA/BTC
Binance    SNT/BTC
Binance    DNT/BTC
Binance    GO/BTC
Binance    MITH/BTC
Binance    STRAT/BTC
Binance    WPR/BTC
Binance    MTH/BTC
Binance    RDN/BTC
Binance    MCO/BTC
Binance    AION/BTC
Binance    ENG/BTC
Binance    STEEM/BTC
Binance    QLC/BTC
Binance    REQ/BTC
Binance    POWR/BTC
Binance    KNC/BTC
Binance    AST/BTC
Binance    VIBE/BTC
Binance    BCPT/BTC
Binance    BNT/BTC
Binance    DCR/BTC
Binance    SNGLS/BTC
Binance    ADX/BTC
Binance    LSK/BTC
Binance    MANA/BTC
Binance    POLY/BTC
Binance    CVC/BTC
Binance    IOTX/BTC
Binance    VIA/BTC
Binance    DGD/BTC
Binance    SC/BTC
Binance    GNT/BTC
Binance    GTO/BTC
Binance    BLZ/BTC
Binance    EDO/BTC
Binance    BTS/BTC
Binance    BRD/BTC
Binance    ANKR/BTC
Binance    KEY/BTC
Binance    BCD/BTC
Binance    OST/BTC
Binance    BTG/BTC
Binance    ZEN/BTC
Binance    YOYOW/BTC
Binance    NEBL/BTC
Binance    SKY/BTC
Binance    POE/BTC
Binance    ARDR/BTC
Binance    APPC/BTC
Binance    XZC/BTC
Binance    NXS/BTC
Binance    MFT/BTC
Binance    COCOS/BTC
Binance    NAV/BTC
Binance    SYS/BTC
Binance    DATA/BTC
Binance    STORM/BTC
Binance    CDT/BTC
Binance    CND/BTC
Binance    TNB/BTC
Binance    QSP/BTC
Huobi    BSV/BTC
Huobi    HT/BTC
Huobi    NODE/BTC
Huobi    BTM/BTC
Huobi    EKT/BTC
Huobi    LAMB/BTC
Huobi    SEELE/BTC
Huobi    BCV/BTC
Huobi    FSN/BTC
Huobi    HPT/BTC
Huobi    CRE/BTC
Huobi    NEXO/BTC
Huobi    EGT/BTC
Huobi    MAN/BTC
Huobi    PC/BTC
Huobi    XMX/BTC
Huobi    FTT/BTC
Huobi    TOP/BTC
Huobi    ARPA/BTC
Huobi    MTN/BTC
Huobi    BIX/BTC
Huobi    GVE/BTC
Huobi    LXT/BTC
Huobi    SNC/BTC
Huobi    YCC/BTC
Huobi    IDT/BTC
Huobi    LBA/BTC
Huobi    GET/BTC
Huobi    MT/BTC
Huobi    ITC/BTC
Huobi    MDS/BTC
Huobi    IRIS/BTC
Huobi    KAN/BTC
Huobi    VSYS/BTC
Huobi    OGO/BTC
Huobi    CTXC/BTC
Huobi    UTK/BTC
Huobi    RSR/BTC
Huobi    ACT/BTC
Huobi    NEW/BTC
Huobi    BTT/BTC
Huobi    ABT/BTC
Huobi    BUT/BTC
Huobi    SSP/BTC
Huobi    QUN/BTC
Huobi    ELA/BTC
Huobi    LOL/BTC
Huobi    LET/BTC
Huobi    WICC/BTC
Huobi    PAY/BTC
Huobi    DBC/BTC
Huobi    UUU/BTC
Huobi    PAI/BTC
Huobi    EGCC/BTC
Huobi    SOC/BTC
Huobi    AIDOC/BTC
Huobi    TT/BTC
Huobi    PNT/BTC
Huobi    MXC/BTC
Huobi    KCASH/BTC
Huobi    OCN/BTC
Huobi    FAIR/BTC
Huobi    TRIO/BTC
Huobi    FTI/BTC
Huobi    RUFF/BTC
Huobi    DAT/BTC
Huobi    AKRO/BTC
Huobi    AAC/BTC
Huobi    SRN/BTC
Huobi    RTE/BTC
Huobi    YEE/BTC
Huobi    BHD/BTC
Huobi    TOPC/BTC
Huobi    UIP/BTC
Huobi    MEET/BTC
Huobi    ATP/BTC
Huobi    COVA/BTC
Huobi    BOX/BTC
Huobi    GNX/BTC
Huobi    SHE/BTC
Huobi    WAXP/BTC
Huobi    EKO/BTC
Huobi    NPXS/BTC
Huobi    UGAS/BTC
Huobi    DTA/BTC
Huobi    SWFTC/BTC
Huobi    CVNT/BTC
Huobi    GTC/BTC
Huobi    CNN/BTC
Huobi    GSC/BTC
Huobi    SMT/BTC
Huobi    EDU/BTC
Huobi    HIT/BTC
Huobi    BCX/BTC
Huobi    DATX/BTC
Huobi    DGB/BTC
Huobi    SBTC/BTC
Huobi    SALT/BTC
Huobi    GT/BTC
Huobi    STK/BTC
Huobi    SKM/BTC
Huobi    TOS/BTC
Huobi    BHT/BTC
Huobi    UC/BTC
Huobi    QASH/BTC
Huobi    WXT/BTC
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